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Freedom Cover

Freedom from Guilt, Accusation and Condemnation

The world has become a dark place where Satan has gotten more prolific in his activities of lying to, accusing, harassing and condemning people—especially Christians. His goal is to separate us from God’s love, relationship, power, purpose and eternal life, because he knows his time is short.

In our everyday lives, Satan wants us tormented with his thoughts of guilt, fear, confusion, accusations, inferiority, condemnation, depression and oppression. It appears that many people are asleep and unresponsive to Satan’s onslaught of attacks against them. Even believers are falling headlong into his trap, which causes them to experience broken relationships, torment, oppression and a failed sense of purpose in Christianity and on earth.

But God hasn’t left us without an answer to experience freedom and to live a victorious life through His Son, Jesus Christ even in the worst of times. God is preparing His Church by bringing to the forefront, once again, the need to know the true gospel of our redemption and well as how to withstand and overcome Satan’ tactics. God wants you to experience an overwhelming victory here and now on your Christian journey. 

Grab your Bible as God’s Word and this book as an excellent companion and join Patricia Maragh as she reveals how to use God’s Word as the sword to break free from Satan’s voice in the strongholds of guilt, accusation, and condemnation and free you to connect to God’s voice. The call is NOW for everyone to know your inheritance in Christ and reclaim what the adversary has stolen. “Awake, awake put on thy strength” (Isaiah 52:1). It is time to experience abundant life in relationship and true freedom in Christ to fulfil God’s purpose and mission for your life.


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